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Holosync Compared

It's best to make an informed decision.

 Forget the Rest – Focus on the Best

It’s crazy how many “me-too” audio meditation products out there claim to be “the same technology for less”.


My friends, they’re not – do not be fooled.

There are two top quality products in the market, a couple good quality products, and a cart load of garbage.

Although Holothink are in direct competition with Centerpointe, the thing most important here is that YOU find the best product to fit your needs.

I want to help take the confusion out of this process for you – and I encourage you to really look at all of the offers available and compare them with a critical eye to get the best value –

Centerpointe Research Institute’s claims for their Holosync Awakening Prologue program are fantastic aren’t they?!


Bill Harris – Centerpointe Research Institute

But . . . let’s take a closer look at Bill Harris’ Holosync offer extended to their marketing prospects.

Now, to be fair and transparent we offer our own meditation program which is very similar (and we believe better, but that IS an opinion) than Holosync.  But this is an exercise to help you make a better decision – and we want to be honest with ourselves . . .

“Could we offer a better product than we are
based on our own strengths?”

I know – it’s a bit unorthodox of us to objectively review someone else’s product to see how we measure up but isn’t self-inquiry one of the true benefits of meditation?

The sales letter for Holosync is daunting – in print it runs 12-14 pages and I know you don’t have all day to go through it word by word.  I’ll keep this brief as possible by focusing on what is actually offered.

For $179, plus shipping and handling, Centerpointe sells you the following with their Awakening Prologue package.

The Dive & Immersion Holosync soundtracks 

These are two 30-minute meditation sessions.  You listen to the first session, ideally, once per day for two weeks.  After two-weeks you add the second 30-minute session for a total commitment of one-hour per day.

Dive, then Immersion = One hour

This is the basis of “Level One” of their twelve level program (additional levels are at extra cost).


This is a simple alpha-level program, like our budget relaxation programs offer through – it’s good, it works.


This is a simple theta-level program (feels a bit like a mid 90s production) that claims to aid creativity – we also offer budget versions of a similar, more “contemporary” program at

Super Longevity

Increased longevity claims are a favorite in the dietary supplement industry – because who could ever prove if they work or not!  We wouldn’t even endeavor to make such a claim as to offer a product that increases longevity – so scratch this off our list.

Professional Coaching

We don’t keep the staff to add this to our offer (though we certainly provide excellent customer support – we don’t call our customer support staff “coaches”, however).

From the marketing perspective coaching is a GREAT way to add to the perceived value of a product – but are you ever REALLY going to pick up a phone and seek advice on how to use this program?  Some people might but in my first-hand experience 95% will not – if the claim is true,“anyone can meditate like a zen monk at the push of a button” then who needs a coach?!

“Another very powerful Holosync CD”

They’ll send you this two weeks after you order – I think they stole this one from our playbook because we offer that too.  And although I don’t KNOW, my suspicion is this will also include with it the FIRST hard-sell for the NEXT level of the program you’ll need to buy to continue on.  (I could be wrong – call me jaded)

365-day Refund Guarantee

It would seem Centerpointe’s knocked our socks off here.  Because we can only offer a 60-day guarantee on our product, which is sold through a third party payment processor (which gives you an added layer of security and confidence in your purchase) but they require a 60-day refund guarantee, no more and no less.

But here’s the thing with this amazing 365-day guarantee from Centerpointe.

First, do you need a full 11 months to decide if a program is going to work for you?

What happens when you have “forever” to get something done?  When do you take action and do it?  I’ll tell you – it’s the same as any job – it’s takes exactly as long, OR LONGER, as the time you allocate to it.

Well, that’s what they’re counting on – they want you to believe you have all the time in the world, and then you just don’t ever get around to it.

Not that it can’t be a great thing, that year – but that’s how it works and it’s a well-known “trick” in marketing known to cut refund rates (and you know, like us, I’m sure they really want you to use and benefit from the Holosync program BUT you should also understand WHY they’d do that).

So that’s what Bill Harris offers for $179 and you know, I feel really good about what we have to offer in contrast at only $97 after boiling it down like this.

Because we offer

  • THREE Dive and Immersion equivalent programs.  We don’t split the two – we offer three complete 45-minute levels with our downloads, and three complete 30-minute levels on CD.
  • Centerpointe offers just one version – therefore, if you love what you’re listening to, great – if not, you have no options.  We offer two versions of every Deep Zen track – one with soothing foreground sounds and the other without.
  • We offer the option of CDs, immediate downloads, or both.
  • And, of course, only Holothink offers Triple Chord Harmonic technology making our programs more powerful than any other on the market.

Now, here’s the other thing nobody talks about.

Centerpointe sells their program as a meditation program – they sell it as a lot of things, making numerous claims about varied benefits.  We can’t get into all that but we can say this –

Our program is a TRUE meditation experience.  It is designed to take you deeply inward, to feel at peace, relaxed, reflective and at one with all.

Centerpointe’s program IS NOT designed this way – it’s designed to PUSH YOUR THRESHOLDS.  What does that mean?  Effectively it means it causes stress and anxiety which your mind will, they claim, adapt too – meaning your thresholds for stress and anxiety increase.

Of course, to get there you’ll have to endure some discomfort but “no pain, no gain”, right?

Well, that’s one approach.  🙂

Learn More About Deep Zen | Order Deep Zen

Now, of course, it’s very often true that you get what you pay for.  And, I could certainly refer you to a wheel-barrow load of very cheaply priced “binaural beat meditation audio programs” . . . I will if you really want to know but it’s not something a friend does to a friend without a frown and a head shake.

Mercedes quality isn’t available at Pinto prices, right?  No, of course not.


The Holosync Claims . . . Reasonable?

Meditate Like a Zen Monk at the Push of a Button

Meditation is both a measurable brain wave state AND a process.  We’re the first to admit that, like Centerpointe, we can help you achieve the brainwave aspect – no problem.  But honestly, when we say “like” we don’t mean you “will be” and neither does Centerpointe, if they’re being honest with you.

So, yeah, you sure can experience a “profoundly deep (and extremely pleasurable) meditation”.

Stimulate new neural pathways

There is a lot of evidence that suggests binaural beat technology does exactly this – which helps you improve “whole brain function”.  People who are very good at something tend to have a dominant right brain or left brain emphasis.  People who are truly masters, even genius, get relatively equal contribution from their whole brain.  This is a highly desirable benefit.

Create quantum leaps in self awareness . . .

Yeah, well, let’s be honest:  If you take an hour a day for any form of peace, quiet, and introspection you are going to move your self-awareness ahead by leaps and bounds.  Even if you don’t decide to add an audio meditation program to your mix taking time every day does a soul good.

Significantly lower stress levels . . .

Very similar answer to above, however, there is no question that the use of a GOOD audio meditation program is going to dramatically aid in the quieting of brain noise, which really does melt stress quickly – and that IS good for your health.

However, keep that threshold point in mind.  If one repeatedly hits another with a stick do they enjoy the experience?  Is that the best way to “not fear the stick”?

Create remarkable improvements in your
mental and emotional health . . .

This is really more of the same, which is a good thing.

Dramatically increase production of brain chemicals related to longevity, well-being and quality of life . . .

How do you prove that?  I am not aware of measurable brain chemicals directly correlated to “longevity, well-being and quality of life” but here’s an idea –

When you order our Deep Zen program and keep the $82 price difference for yourself . . . then take that $82 – as if it’s free money to you – and buy yourself some really excellent chocolate!

Because I absolutely guarantee that our Deep Zen program and all that it offers, PLUS 20 bars of premium gourmet chocolate will unquestionably result in a sense of well-being and life-is-good-good-goodness!

Learn More About Deep Zen | Order Deep Zen

You understand that we really are not attached to your next move.  Yeah, OK, we have a preference, but really the world needs more healthy, happy people and if we play some part in helping you get there then we’ve served a mission worth serving.

If you have any questions, please let us know!  Our help desk is always open to take your questions.

Or to order, or learn more about our very similar product (wink, wink) – Deep Zen – please see the links above.

All the best to you – John R Barker