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About Holothink

The founders members of Holothink, Inc have been users and developers of audio enhancement technology products since 2004.  After years of personal experimentation, testing and development we felt we had a superior product to offer the public and began selling our first product, the stress relief program Totally Tranquil, in 2007.

Holothink now has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who report feeling happier, sleeping better, feeling more calm, better able to focus and concentrate and much more.

Our guiding principle is to offer the highest quality product at the most affordable price utilizing online technology.  We are able to reduce costs by reducing overhead and, ahem, general institutional greediness.

Although there are lower priced products on the market we caution those tempted to purchase them as they are often created by amateurs hoping to make a quick buck from an increasingly popular product.

Binaural beats are generally harmless, however than can also produce a wide range of effects.

To gain a greater understanding of the connection we have with our customers visit our Facebook page where you’ll find real people making real posts about us and our products.