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Totally Tranquil

For stress relief and relaxation.  This is an alpha-level program designed to bring calm to you while not taking you into a deep meditative state.  A free demo is available with name and email address.

Laser Focus

One of our most popular programs.  Laser Focus is a beta-level program designed to be listened to while you work.  It helps the mind to focus, while also increasing energy levels for most users.  A nice side-benefit is this program has also helped many to become more organized.  A free demo is available with name and email address.

Digital Sandman

Digital Sandman is a package of sleep aid programs.  Digital Sandman includes programs that can help you get to sleep, catch up on sleep during the day, reduce sleep time needed and much more.

Creativity Booster

Do you wish you could get your creative juices flowing?  Try our Creativity Booster program which will help energize the creative centers in your brain.

Audio Euphoria

Audio Euphoria is our monthly membership site.  Each month we offer members new programs, exercises, video training and much more.  This is a great value and the many who’ve tried this program stay with it month after month –